Contest + Anthology

If you have already chosen the words that will form your metaphor and written a poem that explores it, click the button below to upload it at our Submittable page. But if this is your first time here and you don’t have a set of Metaphor Dice, read on.


Pick one word from each column to craft a metaphor, then explore it, explain it, or apply it to your life in a short poem (preferably fewer than 25 lines). Minor alterations of tense, number, or possessive case are permitted, but the words must be used as a metaphor, not just mentioned in the same sentence. For example, Beauty is a broken animal is acceptable, but not There is no beauty in an animal that is broken. Consult the complete CONTEST GUIDELINES and submit your poem before April 30, 2022. Two winners (Adult & Student) will receive a prize worth $1,000 each.

When you have chosen your words and written your poem in a separate document, click the button below to upload it at You will need an account, but they are free to create.