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PAPER Metaphor Dice (30 Cards)

The same concept as the original acrylic dice but made out of paper, each card contains three dice (red, white, and blue) that can be easily popped out and folded into dice without using any tape or glue. The dice are reversible, with example words on one side and nothing on the other side so that you can write in your own words. Currently only available in the USA. Priority shipping included.



Metaphor Dice Set

Four red, four white, and four blue, for a total of 12 dice. Roll at least one of each color, arrange them in order—red, white, and blue—and read the resulting metaphor aloud, supplying whatever smaller linking or auxiliary words you want. Then start writing!


Erudite Expansion Set

A slightly smaller set—9 dice total—with slightly more challenging words. No words are repeated from the original set, but they are likely to be bigger, rarer, or just a little quirkier. Some may send you to the dictionary, but not all. This set works seamlessly with the original 12-dice set but can absolutely be used as a standalone set by itself.


Gift a set to a teacher

teacher gift

Your lucky recipient will be randomly selected from our list of teachers who have been following the project for years but have never received a previous set of samples. The teacher will receive the gift anonymously, and you will absolutely make their day!



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I have been in the room and watched as Metaphor Dice transformed a class of students into studious and prolific poets.

Mahogany L. Browne
writer, educator, organizer, curator

The hardest part of writing poetry is getting started. Metaphor Dice make it hard to stop.

Brendan Constantine
poet and educator

The dice provide a clever and effective way for beginning writers to make connections, collaborate, and develop their ideas.

Liza Barrett
32-year veteran and MS teacher