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13,824 unique metaphors in each box

“There is simply no better way to teach
the concept of figurative language.”

—Taylor Mali, poet & educator

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Make writing poetry simple, fun, and enlightening by rolling 12 dice to create thousands of random metaphors for further exploration.

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Written with the help of Metaphor Dice


When your father, the oak,
was finally felled by his cancer,
your mother grew beautiful,

not like a summer meadow
under a twilit sky, but beautiful
as everything in autumn,
blooming in the knowledge
it will, too, soon die.

by Taylor Mali


Like the laughter of dogs, which they say
is only caused by dogs hearing other dogs
laughing, happiness is a blessing handed down
over and over, gleaming from the worn polish
of other hands.

This is how it is passed on.
How it survives.
This is the only way it lives.

by Taylor Mali


Your body is a desperate
wedding gown

in a small-town thrift store

waiting for you to step inside
and finally declare that it fits.

by Megan Falley


How ridiculous
and sublime

that no matter what
he has just broken

just the site of him
makes you smile.

by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

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