Metaphor Dice

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A complete set of Metaphor Dice is four red, four white, and four blue, for a total of 12 dice. The basic idea is that you roll at least one of each color, arrange them in order—red, white, and blue—and read the resulting metaphor aloud, supplying whatever smaller linking or auxiliary words you want. With an overhead projector, a teacher might need only one set for an entire class. Once the class agrees on a single metaphor to use, everyone writes for a few minutes, thinking of ways they might apply the metaphor to their own life. At the very least, everyone should try to “justify” the metaphor by sort of restating in an artful way! When each student then shares a line—and you continue going around the room until everyone has read everything they care to share—everyone will be amazed at how many different ways a metaphor can be interpreted. And then they will want to roll the dice again!

9.1 oz
5 × 4.25 × 1.25 in

1 Set – $20, 2 Sets – $36, 3 Sets – $51, 6 Sets – $90, 18 Sets – $180